Mission & Vision

Our Mission

1. Strategies may be formed towards the 100% attendance of the students as per direction of Right to Education Act.
2. To make the institution a centre of excellence.
3. To impart quality Training in various areas from primary to higher secondary and there by enrich the teaching community.
4. To make academic link with similar institutions in India for sharing resources.
5. To provide space and human resource for setting up a model DIET in our country.
6. To extend consultation services to the field of education and social science research.

Our Vision

  • To make DIET Kamalpur a learning organisation in the Dhalai District of Tripura State.
  • A district level academic centre which develop professionally excellent teachers and society through pre-service and In-service teacher education programme based on continuous empowerment, academic monitoring, researches,action researches, tryouts and re-mediation of educational system.